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Online Phonebook with DNCL Integration

Our Online Phonebook of million entries with integration of your Do Not Call List (DNCL) make it easy for you to know who you may call.

Automatic Follow Up Reminder

Telelisting follow up reminders automatically let you know when calls or tasks are coming due or are overdue.

Stay on top of your leads and ensure timely follow up.

Instant Search

Find your prospective leads in seconds using our extremely fast search engine. No need to have all the details; just type a few characters or words in any order. Telelisting will provide you with all the matching information instantly.

Neighborhood Search With Google Maps

Easily promote your services to a specific neighborhood where you have had recent sales by using our integrated Google Maps search. Simply click on an area on the map, and Telelisting will provide you with a list of homes located in the selected area. Be even more precise by outlining your desired area directly on the map.

Never Outdated

Telelisting’s Online Directory is updated quarterly. The Do Not Call List (DNCL) is updated weekly. No more lost time researching multiple databases. Now you can concentrate on the most important task: Lead Generation!

Single User or Multiple Offices Users

Whether you are a single user or an Office Manager with hundreds of employees that need access to our Online Phonebook, Telelisting’s cost effective subscription offers you an unbeatable solution to your lead generation needs.

Integrated – Excel, MojoSells and SalesDialer…

Telelisting is the perfect tool to get a list of prospects that you can integrate into other lead generation tools! Export your list of leads to Microsoft Excel, MojoSells and SalesDialer.

Find and Manage Real Estate Leads

Discover how to find and manage leads with Telelisting.

I have been using the Telelisting service for the past years and it has been an excellent tool for helping my business grow. It does all the research for me which is a real time saver and allows to focus on closing leads.

Joseph Santander, Re/Max

1Need an additional configuration and an upload of your Do Not Call List