Whether you are a single agent or an office owner with hundreds of telemarketers prospecting, finding leads and respecting the National Do Not Call Registry can be a difficult task.

Businesses today need to reduce expenses and generate more leads to stay competitive. Good leads management software that integrates the Do Not Call List is a must to stay ahead of the competition.


Online Phonebook with Do Not Call List (DNCL) Integration

Just about every Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on the market delivers great functionalities, but none come with the complete US and Canadian White Pages already scrubbed with the Do Not Call List. Telelisting is a robust online lead generation and lead management tool that can help you find, monitor, manage, report and export information from your online phonebook.

Top Benefits

  • No more database management
  • Automatically updated every week
  • Available from anywhere in the world
  • No list scrubbing; just open, search and call prospects

Telelisting’s phonebook is like a super 411 directory integrated with a powerful search engine and the Do Not Call List1. Telelisting is completely web based and hosted in our secure datacenter. There’s nothing to install, no servers to maintain, nothing to backup, and none of the other I.T. headaches that come with hosting your own software.

The Do Not Call List contains over 100 million records, and we manage it for you directly from our easy to use interface. No need to be have a database manager on staff.


What can I do with Telelisting?

    • Search by person name, address, telephone number
    • Locate prospects directly on Google Map in the neighborhood of your choice
    • Consult the Do Not Call status


  • Generate and manage leads
  • Schedule Follow Up Calls, Emails, Meetings
  • Add an unlimited number of notes
  • Create your own list of contacts


1Need an additional configuration and an upload of your Do Not Call List